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Latest home organization news- April

What an awesome month April was. We completed the free 30 Day
Spring Declutter Challenge. Everyone did an awesome job. What
champs! Two great things came from this challenge:
1. Everyone got started on decluttering their home.
2. I heard that there were a few areas that need further challenges-
THE CLOSETS AND YOUR PAPER! I have great info on starting on our
closets here!
Folks told me that these two areas deserve their own challenge.

Cool Things Are on the Horizon.
I am in the midst of planning two additional challenges around
our closets and our paper. These will be free too! YES, FREE!
Look for these announcements in your inbox soon. And remember, I
only send a few quality emails each month. Your time is valuable!
I will include signup links in the next few newsletters so that you can
sign up for these challenges sit back and relax and wait for further
Have I told you I now have a YouTube podcast? I spoil folks and read
and comment on my current blog content and provide even more
valuable home organization info.
And for your viewing pleasure-
I am hosting Facebook lives every Friday on my Facebook


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