What does an organized home look like and how does it affect our health? Category

So, what does an organized home look like and how does it affect our health?

Wikipedia’s defines well-being as the condition of an individual or group, their social, economic, psychological, spiritual or medical state.  A high level of well-being means in the individual or group’s condition is positive, while low well-being condition is negative.

The Mindset to Organization

Do we connect an organized home and well-being with clutter and disorganization? Probably not! Most folks tend to blow off decluttering and think that it is just a necessary evil and that their clutter does not affect them much. It does! And in profound ways. Clutter and chaos has been proven to directly undercut our emotional and physical well-being. In this post, I will show you how a clutter negatively affects your overall well-being and how an organized home affects it in powerfully positive ways.

Living in vast clutter and disorganization takes its toll, particularly on yours and your family’s well-being. Specifically, well- being has four components: emotional, physical, spiritual and connection or connectedness. How many of us are working hard to increase our own and our families well-being? Everyone I talk to is. Most all folks that I visit with want a very high level of well-being in all of these four areas.

Here are some links that outline how to organize your home:

How a Cluttered Home Affects Your Overall Well-being

Storytelling-Organize Your Sentimental Stuff

Journal to Boost Organization and Productivity

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Sally Twellman, Life and Wellness Coach

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