free monthly declutter worksheets

Free Monthly Declutter Worksheets!

Free Monthly Declutter Worksheets

We are starting a new exciting program at ryoureadytoorganize. And you don’t want to miss it!

Free Monthly Declutter Worksheets! Simple challenges to declutter the most important areas of your home and help boost productivity.

Each month, in the last week, I will post the challenge worksheet of the month. I then email the worksheet to current members. You must be a current member to take part, so don’t miss out. Monthly worksheets are available during the next month and they are gone. To subscribe in the box below now to get your free worksheets!

For May’s free monthly declutter worksheet challenge…

we are decluttering closets. Since some of us have lots of closets, and some have a few, we’ll take a few weeks for this task. It’s two simple worksheets with questions, steps, and a flow chart to get you started decluttering your closets.

free monthly declutter worksheets
Staging bedrooms and decluttering closets

We’ll use my Closet Checklist and Declutter Flow Chart to clear any remaining clutter and re-organize your clothes. I’ll announce the date for my lives in each worksheet I email. So don’t miss those as I walk you through the sheets and exercise.

This free monthly declutter worksheets and all worksheets are available only for subscribers.

Sign up below for this month’s worksheet and future worksheets. Monthly worksheets go away at the end of each month, so if you are not a subscriber, hurry and subscribe now to get yours!

Here is the scoop:

We have one or two worksheet challenges each month so don’t miss them. If you are already a subscriber, you will get yours automatically so no need to sign up again. Worksheets are mailed to subscribers on the last Monday of each month for the next month’s challenge, so don’t miss out. Sign up below. And visit my blog for lots more fun simple tips about decluttering and gardening

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