March 2018 News RYouReadytoOrganize

March 2018 News RYouReadytoOrganize

March 2018 News RYouReadytoOrganize

A New Spring Cleaning Challenge is Coming on April 1st!

March has come and gone, and we know what that means…it’s time for the 30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge…You Got This!!!!

Can you believe that April is already here?

March 2018 News RYouReadytoOrganize


I am so excited! The free 30 Day Declutter Challenge starts on April 1st. I want to help my subscribers start getting their homes ready for spring. This challenge is designed to be simple and easy to follow. I want everyone to declutter a small area of their home each day. We want a sense of accomplishment, not overwhelm….right?

I will email one list each week (so a total of only 4 emails) of 7 to 8 small easy areas to tackle and declutter for that week. The daily assignment can be done in an hour or so. The only exception may be your closet. I have a
system for decluttering that on my blog, so if that takes longer, you can take a bit more time to tackle that closet.
All of my current subscribers will be entered into this great challenge. Don’t worry, there will be an opt-out if you decide you do not want to join.

I plan on providing VIP treatment for those who join this challenge in my Facebook Group. So, head on over to my group and receive full access to extra content and just plain old-fashioned support. This gives everyone the
opportunity to share and help each other out.

Also, head on over to the blog and read more about this challenge. I also have a new YouTube channel where I spoil you by reading aloud and commenting on my latest posts. You have links below to episode 4 and 5,
making home organization maps-or how to map out your own home organization style. So head on over, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy!

Here are my latest posts from the blog:
We talk about getting ready for spring, mapping our own personal home organization style and my upcoming free 30-day spring cleaning declutter challenge starting April 1st…

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