beautiful plants that require little effort

Beautiful Plants That Require Little Effort

This is one of my favorite creative passions-Beautiful Plants That Require Little Effort!


If you follow me here and on social media, you know my business is split into two parts! From March to September, we focus on everything that is GARDENING! And, from October to February, we organize and declutter our homes. A great way to get ready for the busy holidays!

Let’s talk about PASSION and the true meaningful lasting benefits of gardening.


I love beautiful plants that require little effort! A Win-Win!

My point is simple. Gardening in any form is beneficial to us all. Whether we grow one or an observer. No one is born with a GREEN THUMB. Like anything else, we develop the talent we want. And we practice, study and practice some more until we get it right. Now I know this is controversial. But the cliche “You have to have a green thumb to garden” is wrong. It implies we are either born with gardening talent or we are not. It builds negative thoughts in our heads about what we are capable of. We all love plants and flowers… So why not do our best to grow what we can? With what we have!!! There is nothing like having a favorite plant to love and watch grow…

Gardening has so many benefits. Too many to list here. The best reason to start a simple food garden NOW is for a safety net and peace of mind. I have a simple herb garden and believe me I used it when I could not go to the store in March of this year due to COVID 19. And I was so blessed to have so many perennials in my garden. I could tend to them until I was allowed to go to our local nursery. What a Godsend!

With gardens and beautiful plants that require little effort, we can leave a legacy for others, inspire each other, make tastier food, lower our budgets, build a safety net of food in hard times, lower our stress, get healthier, and feel a wonderful sense of joy in our life.

beautiful plants that require little effort

How to start a garden? And beautiful plants that require little effort!

I would if I were starting a garden for the first time, start with a container garden. A large pot with a few plants for my favorite recipes. For example, because we love Mexican cuisine, I could use a large pot and plant cilantro, a pepper plant, and a Roma tomato on my patio. I would just need some sun and water. Viola! Also, if you are vegan or vegetarian, a veggie garden is a must-have!!! And if you are a beginner, having beautiful plants that require little effort is key. Little stress and effort. A Win-Win!!!

I want to say thank you for visiting my site. Your participation and comments mean a great deal and make it a fun experience.

AS AN EXTRA BONUS, I’ve included some of my favorite low maintenance, no-fuss easy to grow garden plants below!

And now, on with beautiful plants that require little effort!

March 2018 News RYouReadytoOrganize
Butterfly Garden

Low Water Beautiful Plants That Require Little Effort

1. Blue Flax

This is a short-living perennial and each plant produces a small blue flower for one day. It grows well in most regions, but it prefers to be planted in full sun and under low water conditions.

2. Cosmos

Cosmos is colorful and fragrant and makes a visual impact with its height and bold colors. It loves full sun, low water, and spread quickly.

3. Fever Few

This scented herb is a white flowering and has many medicinal uses when harvested. It wants low water and you should plant it around outdoor eating areas to help keep insects away.

4. Morning Glory

Morning Glory will climb on almost any vertical surface and produce new flowers each morning. Its vine grows best in poor soil with very little water.

5. Johnny Jump Ups

This is a low-growing, self-seeding beauty that produces tri-colored blooms and is striking when planted en-masse.


Sandy Soil Plant Choices

6. Beach Sunflower

This flower is often seen growing on sand dunes and can grow upright or lay down. It’s self-seeding and requires no care.

7. Beautyberry

This one grows best in sandy soil and light shade. It reaches a mature height of 6 feet, bearing clusters of purple berries from late summer through fall.

8. Firebush

This flowering plant is a tall-growing bush that bears nectar-rich red blooms all summer when planted in full sun and sandy soil.

9. Golden Aster

This one looks similar to the yellow daisy and loves sandy soil and full sun. It produces long-lasting yellow blooms on 2 feet tall plants.


Shade Loving Plants-More Beautiful Plants That Require Little Effort!

10. Hostas

Hosta plant enjoys a secluded shady spot and grows into a 2 x 2 feet mound of broad green leaves. Hostas grown in heavy shade will rarely bloom, but if the plant receives a little sunlight it may send up a few spikes and produce some tiny purple blooms.

11. Lady Ferns

These plants grow well in the heavy shade where the soil remains moist. They produce delicate-looking, deciduous fronds on plants that can grow up to 3 feet across.

12. Japanese Spurge

Japanese spurge is an evergreen perennial that produces tiny white flowers in spring.


Did you notice the verbena flower a the top of this post? It is one of the most gorgeous, beautiful plants that require little effort and I grow them in pots every year in my garden. Why? They are drought tolerant and require very little maintenance for a potted plant. Check them out the next time you are at your local nursery. Visit more about everything gardening on my site at “The Green Thumb”!

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Next time, we’ll chat about what I learned-the successes and failures as a gardener. I would love to pass on my know-how if it helps another aspiring gardener. Until then…


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