Maintaining an Organized Home

A Clutter-Free Home

Keep your home organized using simple weeding and decluttering tips and advice each day. Here is a list of awesome ways to keep things from becoming cluttered once and for all:

Ways to keep a clutter-free home

Regular Weeding of Your Closet

Keeping Your Home Organized

How To Decide What to Declutter

Sorting our Stuff

Simple everyday tips to keep organized

And here is a list to use to keep each day organized:

  1. Make your bed every day.
  2. Plan dinner in the night before.
  3. Make your lunch the night before.
  4. Do the dishes after dinner.
  5. Tidy and pick up before you go to bed
  6. Pick out your clothes the night before.
  7. Keep a note pad next to your bed for anything that comes to mind.
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