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January News-RYouReadytoOrganize

RYouReadytoOrganize January News…


Well, I don’t know about you but I certainly seemed to survive the holidays.
You may have accidentally received the newsletter from December. There
was some sort of glitch and it was resent by accident. My apologies. I was
mortified when I saw that it had been sent to you again. So sorry about that.
Here is an updated newsletter and again so sorry for the confusion.

More January News:

I am starting a free 30 Day Declutter Challenge in April. I want to help my
subscribers get ready for spring and use a simple spring cleaning program.
Each day you will have one small area of your home to declutter. The daily
assignment can be done in an hour or so. The only exception may be your
closet. I have a system for decluttering that on my blog, so if that takes
longer, you can take a bit more time to tackle that closet.
I had planned on starting this challenge on March 1, but I am moving it to
start on April 1. So stay tuned.

Catch me on Instagram and Pinterest for up to date home organization hacks and challenges! Visit the blog for more great decluttering and gardening tips: https://ryoureadytoorganize.com/category/blog/


This newsletter includes some of my first episodes on my new podcast on
YouTube. So grab your favorite beverage and enjoy!
RYouReadytoOrganize Episode 5-
Home Organization Maps
RYouReadytoOrganize Podcast
Episode 4

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