organize your paper with these easy tips!

Organize Your Paper With These Easy Tips!

Organize Your Paper With These Easy Tips!  How do you organize paper? Sounds simple, doesn’t it. I hear this all the time from the majority of my audience. Well, this seems to be one of the most aggravating and challenging tasks for us to conquer. And let’s admit it, we still live paper. Despite the internet, computers, and email, our brains love and respond to paper.

Yet, organizing paper does not have to be painstaking and unmanageable.

Organize Paper With Some Simple Changes

Like any other important aspect of your life, we have to get our arms around what to do with our paper! How do we organize paper and does it have to be a CHORE? No, it doesn’t. All you need is a simple, structured, easy to follow the system and to stick to it…on a regular basis. Just a few minutes every week and your paper problems will be solved.

How to organize documents at home

How to deal with and eliminate paper clutter? You need a paper clutter organization filing system that works. These effective paper clutter solutions are for you! Keep all your important documents safe and findable with these handy paper organization ideas that will make your home look terrific. Simplify your life, get rid of  unnecessary documents and make room for other more fun stuff!

I use a very easy to follow program that I have outlined in my new Paper e-Guide. I have designed it to help you get and keep your paperwork organized and ready to use….at your disposal.

Here’s why this e-Guide works:

  1. You put all of your receipts and loose paper in a basket as soon as you get home. No exceptions!
  2. Each week, pick a day and keep to that day. Use this day to go through your paperwork. Decide to keep or shred or toss. Have a shred box at your side to put your shred paper in.
  3. If you are keeping your paper, it’s time to decide where it goes! I use a Home File Box with the typical categories, like “to do”, “bills”, “pets”, “home projects”, “vacations”, etc. The Home File Box is a place where I keep active documents-ones that I need to act on soon.
  4. The paper that needs to be retained for reference purposes goes into my large file cabinet. I go through this cabinet each September as our city government has a free shred weekend in October. Convenient and inexpensive.


These are just a few of the steps to take to make organizing paper easy. My new e-Guide will have all of the steps and access to the things you need to gather and a flowchart you can put in plain view and follow each week. I also put important steps in my planner and make a reminder so that I don’t forget each week to sort my paperwork. And it is all in plain view so I don’t forget to do it. If I see it, then I know it needs to be done. And of course, I use pretty inexpensive baskets and a cheap colored paper file box. Viola!

Organize Your Paper With These Easy Tips-how to organize important papers

This new FREE Paper Organizing e-Guide will publish on February 3rd, 2020 once and not be distributed again for some time. So hurry and grab your free copy. As an exclusive subscriber, you will also receive (once a month) free home and garden worksheets. So sign-up here before it’s too late!

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Here’s how it works:


My free monthly printable worksheets are available as a special bonus for my subscribers. If you are not a current subscriber, no worries. Simply sign up for this month’s worksheet and future free worksheets will automatically arrive in your inbox each month. We have one or two worksheet challenges each month so don’t miss out on this special opportunity.

organize your paper with these easy tips
Printable worksheets are available as a special bonus for my subscribers. So don’t wait. Sign up for this month’s worksheet and future worksheets below. We have one or two worksheet challenges each month so don’t miss them. If you are already a subscriber, you will get yours automatically as part of your regular subscription, so no need to sign up again. Worksheets are emailed to subscribers in the first week of each month, then they are gone. Grab your free printable worksheets.


If you are looking for the more great home declutter articles and tips,

head over to my blog and grab the latest news in the home organization.


My Paper Organizing e-Guide filing system will be released and sent to my subscribers on February 3rd, 2020. Don’t miss this free simple tool to get your paper organized. Click the box above for more info and grab your copy.

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