9 easy space-saving tips

9 Easy Space-Saving Tips

9 Easy Space-Saving Tips Revealed

Last time we talked about the many fabulous payoffs in organizing 15 minutes twice a week. Now we are going to improve on that and start using my 9 easy space-saving tips.

Here are my favorite must-have “9 easy space-saving tips”! For me, as a professional organizer, this is the best advice I can give anyone-Create more open space in your home!

It usually takes around 15 each day to clear daily clutter. Some of us may need to declutter more than that. Some of us have more clutter. No matter how much you have, the key is to start a regular, simple organizing routine. And I mean simple.

And to clear as much space as we can to create that open sense of freedom and calm. Having open spaces anywhere gives us a sense of freedom. Of calm ‘ahhhhness’! Not a word, I know. But it’s the perfect description. These tips can get you closer to opening up space in your home. And getting closer to that ‘ahhhhness’ and sense of freedom!

Why does using 9 easy space-saving tips work?

Remember in my recent article, the payoff to decluttering and organizing. Creating fun space. Space where you create your favorite home activities. Those that inspire you, make you healthy and happy. Let’s get right to it and “save some space”!

9 easy space-saving tips

9 easy space-saving tips

For me, as a professional organizer, this is the best advice I can give anyone. Some of us may need to declutter more than 15 minutes twice a week. Some of us have more clutter.  No matter how much you have,  the key is to start a regular, simple organizing routine.  And I mean simple.

For most of us, there are three things that worry us the most. Time, money, and losing weight. Create more space for a hobby. One that pays money? Or a yoga space. Lift weights. It doesn’t take a lot of space. Just the motivation.


Need some products to easily succeed at using 9 easy space-saving tips?

You can find these handy, inexpensive space-saving items in my Amazon Store. Click the links below to view these amazing products on Amazon. I use and endorse these as some of the best home organization tools out there. I receive a very small commission which is at no cost to you. It helps support my site and great content! As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualified purchases.  This allows me to cover site-related expenses and develop the best practices in home organization.

  1. Bathroom shelving units– These shelves go anywhere from over the door to small corners and spaces and add charm to your bathroom or any room in the home.  
  2. Expandable, stackable cabinet shelvesOrganize your cabinets better and easier with a highly functional expandable shelf organizer. Arrange items, such as spices, cans, and jars, on the tiered shelves to keep all items in view.
  3. Spice rack Store and organize full-size or half-size spice bottles (not included) in the spice rack organizer cabinet.
  4. Message boards Wall hanging organization station for your entryway, office, or mudroom. Includes chalkboard, letter organizer, and key holders.
  5. Cutting board rack I use this cutting board set. It is color-coded for prepping different foods and has its own space-saving rack.
  6. Tie, scarf, and belt hangers I have used these velvet loophole hangers for years. They keep my scarves and belt handy for easy styling.
  7. Laundry room cart This space-saving sturdy rolling cart will fit in tight spaces and hold all your laundry items.
  8. Floating, shelving above doors These floating shelves are strong and durable and have sides on them so your items won’t slide off. They can go almost anywhere. I like the idea of using space above our doors. Why not? They are hard to reach for everyday items. But, you can put your art or favorite trinkets on them.
  9. Lazy susans everywhere I have these in my kitchen and bathrooms. My store carries both the single and double-layer lazy susans. These are a must-have for saving space easy access.

These should greatly help you use these 9 easy space-saving tips. You can find these handy, inexpensive amazing space-saving items in my Amazon Store.

Enjoy shopping. And remember, as a professional organizer, mom, and grandmother, I use and personally endorse these products.

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Here is my latest YouTube video on how to stop the “Clinging to Clutter” game! Next time, it’s on to Detoxing our Personal Care. Just in time for the summer fun!


Beat the “Clinging to Clutter” struggle. Clearing clutter is a positive move for us. We need to get our heads wrapped correctly around it!
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