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Must-Have Ways to Keep Your Home Organized

Welcome back! We’re featuring Must-Have Ways to Keep Your Home Organized. Do you think you can spend 10 to 15 minutes on Sunday and Monday keeping your home organized and ready for the best week ever? Well, you can. And better yet, you can spend very little money doing it and creating space. You might feel like you’ve bought a new home…You may ask yourself. Where did I come up with so much extra space? Why do this? Why create a more clear living space?

You increase your happiness

You increase your physical health

You feel more open and fresh

You can create more areas for those loved activities with Must-Have Ways to Keep Your Home Organized


In this day and age when it is common for both parents to work full-time and our kids get involved in many extracurricular activities, life moves at a pretty fast pace. It can be difficult to find the time or energy to keep the house clean amid all of our other daily responsibilities. The problem, however, is that if you let the house go too long uncleaned, it will become an overwhelming place, and not a safe haven for you to retreat to after a long, busy day. It doesn’t take much to keep your home running like a well-oiled machine. If you can find five to ten-minute pockets of time you can do small tasks that will make a huge impact on the orderliness of your home. Here is a list of ten key tasks that take little time but make a big difference. Start adding them to your daily routine today and see the difference between how your house looks and how you feel.

Must-Have Ways to Keep Your Home Organized

Monday motivation tip! Small bursts of regular routines make the most impact. Why? We charge in, spend a bit of time doing what really matters, and get on with the best part of our day!
Sundays and Mondays are for purposeful planning, setting weekly intentions, and regular, small burst routines. Home organization routines, that is. Why?

We love for our weeks to be the best week ever. And we need to put a bit of planning and organizing into it to make that happen!

And best of all, keeping your home organized takes just a bit of time each week, not much cash (unless you want to spend a lot, but you don’t have to), and very little stress. And even better news. Practice keeping your home organized each week and it will get easier and easier. The payoffs are endless!

Payoffs to Must-Have Ways to Keep Your Home Organized


  • Your home will start to feel larger, without you having to move or spend a lot of money. Like you have more space!
  • You can create spaces for those hobbies, yoga, weight lifting,  painting, photography, kids art. The possibilities are endless.
  • You increase your mental focus and clarity. Suddenly, with your new spaces, you feel happier.
  • You finally build a healthier lifestyle with those cool activities you love.
  • You can cook regular healthy meals.
  • Maybe a meditation corner?
  • Maybe a writing sanctuary? I could use that one! What is the ultimate payoff of the Must-Have Ways to Keep Your Home Organized?

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For me, it was my TV lounge. I bought very inexpensive wall shelves and a tv stand that holds everything.

Must-Have Ways to Keep Your Home Organized

I practice yoga and small weights in there. I also have a full gym downstairs. But, in the winter, the basement is cold and I can now just hop into the TV lounge and spend 15 minutes doing yoga poses and working my triceps! A big goal for me.

And the best part of all of this:

It’s all under your control when using Must-Have Ways to Keep Your Home Organized!

You call the shots. You can carve out 15 minutes of your time (and your family’s time too) clearing clutter and making space!

I suggest starting on Sunday and Monday. For most of us, our week starts here. But you can choose whatever day works for you! That’s the beauty of it. Pick two consecutive days and put them on your calendar.

Want more tips? Grab your favorite beverage, and hop on over to the home improvement library. There is something for everyone-organizing, decluttering, meal prep, recipes, baking, and gardening.

Join the community and get all the deets emailed to you…no more than once a month.

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In my next post, we’ll talk about 10 suggested ways to keep your home organized.

What are your intentions for today, and tomorrow?

Do you plan? Sunday and Mondays are for setting your weekly intentions

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