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The Case for Decluttering One Room a Month

Hmmm, the case for decluttering one room a month. Looks like I was not the only organizer that is making the case for decluttering one room a month! Many of us are today! My observation over the years tells me that folks don’t want to rush the process. They like to concentrate one room at a time. And I think one month is the perfect amount of time to do it. Because…the case for decluttering one room a month

The case for decluttering one room a month

1. It doesn’t overwhelm us.

Trying to clean out a whole room in a weekend, such as, has never worked out around these parts. We have a full life already, and I easily bite off more than I can chew and feel overwhelmed.

But an entire month feels like plenty of time, even when not working each day, to tackle the important parts of just one room.

2. It easily fits with the ebb and flow of family life seasons.

You can easily alter this idea depending on what season you’re in as a family. If you have infants and toddlers, you may only be able to make it through one or two hotspots in a place in one month. That’s fine!

Even dealing with one area that bugs you will have a huge return on investment in how you feel emotionally about your home.

It is also a good plan to declutter in months according to the seasons of the calendar. We know we need to put the kids’ summer clothes in their drawers in May, so work with your kid’s room that month. You will be ahead of the game, I promise.

3. It makes it easier for us to do it once a month cleaning.

I once read that about 40% of housework could be avoided if you had less stuff.

By clearing out what no longer has value to us, those items with value have an assigned place. And when everything is in its place, our home looks cleaner and feels more manageable to keep up with. This is what makes once-a-month cleaning work.

One of my favorite supports for the case for decluttering one room a month…

4. It’s taken us one step further down the road toward simplicity.

I’ve never been a hoarder, but this year I challenged myself to test and see what all those minimalists keep raving about.

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case decluttering one room moth
Minimal Organized Kitchen Table

Making the case for decluttering one room a month

Does letting go of excess stuff really free you?

I can answer now–YES! I feel so much more detached from my stuff.

Ask yourself, how many magazines do I actually need–made me wonder if I really need to have every book on the shelf that I’d ever read. I find I now get so much more pleasure from the treasured items we care enough about to keep and take care of.

We in this part of the world have more than we need. Clearing the good stuff and sharing them either by donating or giving to others is true stewardship. That’s how we do it in our family!

Once a month decluttering has given us the opportunity to do that task in a way that works, a way making us grateful for the abundance in our lives.

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