declutter garage worksheet

Free Garage Organizing Worksheet

Free garage organizing worksheet

June’s challenge, we are decluttering our garage


Most of us think of our garage as a plain, bare floored storage room. One that doesn’t deserve any styling, decluttering, or organizing. I’m here to tell you that garages can be one of the most important rooms in your home. There is lots of storage, with the right storage racks, shelving, and containers.

We also need to store one of our most important investments-our cars. That’s why this…

Free garage organizing worksheet works!


declutter garage worksheet

I personally vouch for this free garage organizing worksheet. I use each step in it to organize my garage. And have for some years. People say they can “eat off my garage floor”! Don’t wait, this worksheet will be published in a few days and not be available again for some time.

We’ll use my free garage worksheet to clear clutter and re-organize the entire garage. I’ll announce the date for my live class in each worksheet I email (in a few days, so don’t wait).

So don’t miss it as I walk you through the worksheet and exercise.  Current subscribers, look for your worksheet emails on the morning of the first Monday of each month.

Worksheets are available as a special bonus for my subscribers. So don’t wait. Sign up for this month’s worksheet and future worksheets below. We have one or two worksheet challenges each month so don’t miss them. If you are already a subscriber, you will get yours automatically as part of your regular subscription, so no need to sign up again. Worksheets are emailed to subscribers on the first Monday of each month (that’s this Monday!) for that month’s challenge, so don’t miss out. Sign up below.

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