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Weed that Closet and Cut Your Time Getting Ready in Half

Cut time getting ready in half. Make simple outfit recipes and have them at your fingertips.

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Weed that Closet and Cut Your Time Getting Ready in Half

This Formula Can

Cut Time Getting Ready in Half*

A few weeks ago I posted an article how to Declutter the Closet.  I am going to show you how to take those few fabulous essential pieces and find your recipe style and cut time getting ready in half.

Most of us go to our closets and stare at our clothes wondering what outfit to wear. We stare and stare and then grab a few pieces from an overcrowded, overstuffed, unorganized closet and desperately throw them on to make an outfit. This can be a bit frustrating. We then convince ourselves that we look “ok” and head out the door. Having style and good decision-making when it comes to your wardrobe takes a bit of time and effort. Not hours, but maybe one or two and you are set to organize your “getting ready time” and find your recipe styles.

One of my fellow bloggers, Jodie Filogomo at Jodies Touch of Style published a great article called Recipes for Dressier Occasions. It featured just this, with fellow blogger-me and her stepmom and mom. Using my  Declutter the Closet plan and the outfit formula/recipe styles concept from Jodie’s post, we have the perfect combination to declutter, organize and look fabulous with less clothes. This means that not only will you have:

Components to Style in Minutes-Cut Time Getting Ready in Half

  1. a weeded, decluttered and organized closet
  2. the ability to see all of your clothing so that you can start to make an outfit formula(s)
  3. the ability to easily and quickly organize great outfit recipes  from your formulas

Write down what you love to wear most by season and then by occasion. Think about your favorite style to wear. I love to wear athletic clothing. I buy stylish athletic clothing and accent with colorful shoes and colored watches. You then make a chart by season and list what few key pieces you will add to your recipe. Then make your favorite outfits by occasion. You are set once you develop a recipe outfits for each season by occasion.

Not all of the clothing in your closet will fall into a recipe. Pieces that don’t can be added to your current favorite recipe as accents. They can add flavor and change the recipes up! I am off to make my Recipe Charts. Again, start here Declutter the Closet if you need to declutter and weed your closet first here before you begin to organize your recipe outfits.

*Style blogger Anuschka Rees shows how to take your wardrobe to the next level and streamline your morning routine in her new book The Curated Closet. Subscribe to receive free a free morning and evening routine checklist and free organizing tips and tools every week or two directly to your inbox!


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