easy ways to tackle holiday stress

Must-Try Ways to Tackle Holiday Stress- Part 2

This is part two using easy ways to tackle holiday stress. Thanks so much for joining me today.  And with a special treat. A video of my trip to The Container Store! Let the fun begin… But first…a thank you and how holiday stress is easier to manage than you think!

Easy Ways to Tackle Holiday Stress

I am so grateful to my readers and my subscribers. Big Hugs! For those of you joining me for the first time, this is part two of a series about easy ways to tackle holiday stress. If you are joining us, click here for Part 1 of the series. At the end of this post, we can rank my top three things to do each morning. The three that will help you make big changes in the right direction. And now, easy ways to tackle holiday stress…
Stress and holidays are a pair. Sometimes, hard to separate. Yet the holidays are joyful and carefree. Not for most, I’m sad to say. I am super mindful these days and try not to get caught up in the commercial holiday mode. But, I slip sometimes! That is when get stressed. I can feel it coming on. Those email sale flyers. Store specials and loads of advertising coming at me. It creeps in. I pull back. Not my thing. No judgments. Not for us.
easy ways to tackle holiday
Holiday coffee break

But we can change that!  We can make holidays carefree and festive. The secret…

Find your holiday routines and stick with them. Find your holiday values and stick with them. Our big value is to avoid shopping and enjoy more experiences. Humans need connection and good experiences and memories. Don’t you agree? Easy routines and finding our holiday values is so important. They bring a sense of ease and calm knowing exactly how to handle our holiday fun.
In Part 1, we listed some ways to get started and use easy ways to tackle holiday stress. Let’s add a few good ones to the list. Don’t worry; we have only a few more. Here goes…
1. Morning and Evening routines make for a successful day. Setting your top three things to do each morning and evening sets the tone and focus on your dreams. Remember-baby steps. Read my post here about setting great routines!
2. Set reminders to breathe and drink water every two hours. I can’t say enough here. Reminders make all the difference. Use your reminder app to set them now!
3. Laugh, laugh and laugh again. Research shows that laughing reduces stress. Even if you have nothing to laugh about. Try it. Laugh for the joy of it. Write a list of funny quotes or jokes and read them a few times each day. You’ll thank me for it.
4. Try to sit still for 5 minutes each day. I meditate. Some people don’t want to. And I get that. Try sitting still in a comfortable chair. Breathe for 5 minutes with your eyes closed. Calm is a great app for this.

easy ways to tackle holiday stress

My Top Three Easy Ways to Tackle Holiday Stress

And what are my top three easy ways to reduce stress from Part 1 and Part 2 of this series?
1. Morning and Evening Routines
2. Set reminders to breathe and get outside
3. It’s a tie: Laugh and Hug-a bunch
Why I chose these three? They boost happiness, motivation, and productivity the most. Routines are like the steering wheel of a car. They take us to our desired destination or goals. Thoughtful breathing and sunshine are healthy ways to boost cardiovascular health and raise Vitamin D levels. And laughing and hugs. Need I say more?
What are your top three? Take a quick second to drop a comment at the end of this post!
More Great Tips: Use extra services to take some things off your plate. Like laundry pick-up services, online grocery shopping, leaf removal, and gutter cleaning. The laundry and grocery tip will save you hours I promise. Worth the money.
Use your crockpot and make easy meals in the am. And viola. Set it and forget it. Try overnight crockpot oats or baked beans.
As a special treat, here is a cool (a bit bumpy) field trip to The Container Store:



Stay tuned as I plan on more cool field trips each month. Drop me a line please and suggest some. I would love to hear where you would like to take a field trip. It can be in person or an online visit and review. Let’s make a cool list for my next upcoming trips!
See you next time!
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