jumpstart spring cleaning now

Jumpstart Spring Planning Now

What better time to jumpstart spring planning than today? Spring is around the corner, only a few weeks away.

Spring is one of the best seasons. It means it’s time to refresh and jumpstart spring planning…

  • The start of warmer weather
  • family gatherings
  • outdoor fun and fitness
  • grilling
  • parties on the patio
  • trips to the park
  • gardening
  • and the list goes on and on…

Being outdoors in warmer weather gives us a sense of renewal. Some of us need the sun to improve our mood. The sun does that. And let’s not forget that dose of vitamin D we get too.

Now is the time to jumpstart spring planning. Not wait until it is upon us. It’s such a time of promise and new beginnings. That is worth taking a little time to prepare. Let’s look at what we can do to prepare.

jumpstart spring cleaning now

What might be the areas we need to jumpstart spring planning?

1. The 2022 Spring Cleaning Challenge. I run a free 30-day spring-cleaning challenge each year. All current subscribers get the info and emails. It has been an enormous success. You can join the challenge here:   https://www.subscribepage.com/2022-free-spring-cleaning-challenge

2. Clean out the fridge, freezer, and pantry. Need some tips to get started on the pantry? Read the post here: https://ryoureadytoorganize.com/get-started-transform-that-pantry/

3. A fun way to jumpstart spring planning is making a list of your favorite spring dishes. Restock with the ingredients you need to make your favorite spring dishes. You may only need to restock the pantry and freezer now. And wait to restock the fridge closer to springtime.

4. Those closets. Getting outside in the warm sunshine means we dress lighter. It could be time for a closet to refresh. The easiest way to do this is to take everything out of the closet and drawers and place them on your bed. Sort everything by these four categories-keep, toss, donate, or sell. Be vigilant and toss and donate whatever you can. Don’t cling to worn, dated, ill-fitting, or unworn pieces. Try to take the emotion out of it and only keep what excites you. What you love and will wear right now. If you exercise outdoors, it’s time to also take stock of those pieces too.

I always jumpstart spring planning and restock my shorts and t-shirts each March. That way I am ready for spring. Here is a link to my four-quadrant decluttering system.


5. Take a look at your storage areas. We go through the basement each February. We check the shelves for things to toss, reorganize what we keep, and clean. We also do this in the garage and in the shed. If you are a gardener like I am, this step is key. Gardens need planning and I start in February. Use the same four quadrant method to declutter each area. It works on any space or decluttering project. Curious about starting a garden or sharpening your skills? Visit the gardening section of the blog: https://ryoureadytoorganize.com/february-is-the-timest-to-start-your-garden-goals/

6. Patios… We live on our patio. I recently renovated ours. If you need ideas on how to redo your patio on a strict budget, read this article. We love the results, and we spend little money doing it.

Click to read the post featuring my simple inexpensive patio makeover. You will be amazed at how much I redid with very little money:  https://ryoureadytoorganize.com/simple-patio-makeover-with-a-big-heart-on-a-small-budget/

I also love Better Homes and Garden’s gardening section of their blog to jumpstart spring planning. I used it to plant all four of my gardens. Look around. There is something for everyone:


I hope some of these ideas spark your interest. Most of them are super easy to start. They take a bit of time and are worth every minute of your time. The rewards keep coming with each step. If you do nothing, join the free 2022 Spring Cleaning Challenge. It starts on March 15th, 2022. Sign up here:


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I look forward to hearing from you. Leave a comment below. I appreciate your time and support here on ryoureadytoorganize.com.. I support my blogging with affiliate links. If you would, consider clicking and visiting the shops above. They are open 24/7 for your convenience.

See you soon,

xoxo, Rebecca, ryoureadytoorganize.com

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