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Lady Boss Interview-Forever Fierce Revolution

Lady Boss Interview Series

One of the best things about blogging and coaching is PEOPLE time. Time spent with my members and time spent talking to new ones. Just getting closer to my audience. And to my fellow blogging friends’ audiences.

The internet can separate us from each other. It takes a good deal of effort and authenticity to talk directly to you. Not at you. These next two interviews do just that.

This is one of the best types of posts I love to write. More than the interviews themselves! Such a wonderful lady boss interview!

This post is about a powerful movement that I consider paramount-the Midlife Revolution. Now, you all know that my business is about productivity and the power of organization. What can be more powerful than being our most productive at age 50 and beyond?

Two years ago, Catherine Grace O’Connell founded the Midlife Revolution organic, a grassroots campaign called The Fierce 50, a movement that promotes women’s best lives after age 50 and beyond. I volunteer as the Director of Communications. Since that time, we’ve been humbled by the response and the evolution of a movement to shift the perception of women at midlife and beyond.

As this community has naturally opened to all women at midlife and beyond, we have changed the name to Forever Fierce but kept the original intention to place a fresh, vibrant, and empowered frame around women who have reached the inflection point called Midlife.  Here is my interview in the January 4th Forever Fierce Newsletter!

Lady Boss Interview

Fierce & Fabulous: Sister in the Spotlight


Welcome, fierce sisters, and happy 2019! This week we’re thrilled to feature one of the valuable members of our Forever Fierce Revolution Admin Team, Rebecca Phillips.  As the Director of Communications, she handles welcoming our new members and brings valuable insight and experience to the community.

Rebecca is a retired social worker turned business blogger and home organizer.  She has three grown stepchildren and three grandchildren.  After moving to Kansas from Arizona to marry her sweetheart, Charly Phillips, she spent a lot of time helping her friends re-organize their homes.

Since the children are grown and her oldest grandchild went to college this year (trying to catch her breath), Rebecca is blessed to be semi-retired and work at home with her two terriers (one is seventeen, blind and deaf, so needs a lot of care) and build her new business.  She loves blogging, coaching, and making new connections with others.

Visit her blog at

You can find Rebecca on her website, and on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.


 1. How did you become involved with the Forever Fierce Revolution?


I became friends with a fellow blogger and one of the FFR members, Jodie Filogomo, two years ago.  I read about the Forever Fierce Revolution in her blog.  The group sounded fabulous – full of love, passion, and kindness.  I had to check it out.  Once I became a member, I dove right in and began engaging with all the lovely ladies, including Catherine Grace O’Connell, the founder of Forever Fierce.  Catherine is one of the most genuine, compassionate people I have ever had the honor to meet and work with.  I was so excited to become a member of this wonderful movement.

In February 2018, I became an ambassador for the Forever Fierce 2018 anniversary celebration.  A two-week-long event celebrating women in midlife and beyond.  Soon after that, I was asked to become a volunteer and jumped on it.  I now work with the FFR Facebook volunteer team and love every minute of it.


2. Tell us about your blog and how you got started.


In 2005, I retired from a long career in social work.  My specialty is program planning development and outcome measurement.  I helped non-profits, companies, and governments organize their businesses.  On the side, I helped my friends reorganize their homes.  I loved it.  So, it seemed very natural when I retired to start my home organization business.

On a personal note, I have always been very organized.  My father died when I was very young.  So, my mom went to work and my two brothers and I stayed at home.  We had a babysitter, but I still took on the cleaning and tidying up a lot.  I even ironed my mom’s work clothes.  Everyone started to notice my knack for organizing and my love of it.  I loved to help mom clear clutter and put things away.  It was a great help to her as she worked very hard and didn’t always have the energy to clean up after us.


3. Your “One Room A Month Home Organization Reboot” is coming in March.  What’s that all about and how can we sign up?


How many of us make New Year’s resolutions?  I think most of us think about them.  And some of us write them down.  We all want our future to be a bit brighter and more joyful each year.  I like to think about resolutions as visions or dreams.  What is your vision for the next year?  Or even in the next few months.  Part of making your vision a reality is to start fantasizing about it.  Taking our visions and dreams and making them a reality for me is “happiness”.

So, now’s the perfect time to start fantasizing about your home for the next year!  What will it look like?  How will our home help bring you “happiness” and true comfort?  I want to challenge everyone to put 2019 home organization resolutions at the top of their list.  Now is a perfect time to plan to clear clutter and organize our home.  To reboot and build that home you dream of.

What is coming in March is big!  I am launching my One Room A Month Home Organization Reboot.  This reboot will last from March to June, then resume in September through December.  Sign up for this free reboot here.  We will start with the kitchen and then move to the bedrooms, and then throughout the house.  I will have monthly organization calendars for each room and email short video assignments and prompts each month.

So, register on this page to enter.  Current subscribers also need to register on this page to take part.  Don’t miss out.  This reboot is free for registered participants.


4. What does it mean to be fierce?


Fierce to me means openly sharing my gifts with others.  We are all connected in a special way and have a truly unique beauty to share with the world.  Being a woman in midlife, and I think all midlife women, have a powerful opportunity to create beautiful change in the world.  We have a lifetime of valuable experience and insight.  It is my pleasure to share mine.


5. Name your number one organizational tip.


Take fifteen minutes each day to declutter your home. Clutter causes chaos, anxiety, and a loss of control.  Each room in our house nurtures us.  Our bedroom gives us rest and rejuvenates us.  Our kitchen nourishes and feeds us.  Our bathroom cleans our bodies and rejuvenates us.  The family room brings families together to bond and connect.  Our home is our sanctuary.  We feel lighter when it’s tidy and organized with only the things we use and love.

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