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My Lady Boss Interview-Your Favorite Chapter

I’m so excited to present my lady boss interview. I had the honor of being featured by one of the finest lifestyle bloggers around, Amy Lynne Kennedy of Your Favorite Chapter. Amy blogs about some of the most important things to us, home, fashion, food, and travel. Four of our favorite things. If you haven’t checked Amy’s blog out, head over here now! Here is our interview:

“Rebecca Phillips is one of the most encouraging inspiring women I know. Rebecca is a home organizer, and her business is called “RYouReadyToOrganize”.  She is so down to earth, and she puts you right at ease from the get-go. She has excellent tips and can coach you through your toughest organizational issues. She is gifted at communication, and when you are learning from someone, that is a must. I’ve seen so many of Rebecca’s YouTube videos, and Facebook Lives, and she is so comfortable in that element, and can communicate so clearly, she puts you right at ease. And you know you are going to be able to prevail over all of your organizational challenges.

My Lady Boss Interview Intro:

I sent Rebecca a list of questions for this interview, and she did such a lovely job answering them, and I am so excited to share this interview with you.

Rebecca, you have such a fascinating story. Can you share with our readers a little about your story, where you are from, and how and when you gained your skills and passion for organization and taking excellent care of your household?

My Lady Boss Interview bio:

I am originally from a small town outside San Francisco. We moved to Oklahoma in 1980 where I went to OSU. I then went onto getting my master’s degree in Social Work at Arizona State University. In 2005, I retired from a long career in social work. My specialty was program planning development and outcome measurement. I helped non-profits, companies, and governments organize their businesses. On the side, I helped my friends reorganize their homes. I loved it. So, it seemed very natural when I retired to start my home organization business?

On a personal note, I have always been very organized. My father died when I was very young. So, my mom went to work and my two brothers and I stayed at home. We had a babysitter, but I still took on the cleaning and tidying up a lot. I even ironed my mom’s work clothes. Everyone started to notice my knack for organizing and my love of it. I loved to help mom clear clutter and put things away. It was a great help to her as she worked very hard and didn’t always have the energy to clean up after us.

My Lady Boss Interview- Bottom-Up Cleaning Method:

Below, Rebecca shares with her clients her “bottom-up” approach to cleaning.

When did you actually decide you would take your skills and start your own business as a professional organizer?

Since our three children are grown and my oldest grandchild went to college this year (trying to catch my breath), I am blessed to be semi-retired and work at home with my two terriers (one is 17, blind and deaf, so need a lot of care) and build my new business. I love blogging, coaching, and making new connections with others. It is a great fit and I love to plan and organize.

Rebecca, one of the things I love about you is your gentleness and positivity. Going into a new year, many of us dream of getting organized, but for some, the task seems so overwhelming we may want to give up before we even start. What is the first thing you do when connecting with a client who feels overwhelmed like that?

My Lady Boss Interview-Getting Organized:

Getting your home organized is not easy. It’s simple, but not easy. The “lion’s share of the work is decluttering. At least 80% of the work in organizing any home is decluttering. This is not a lovely task. It can be emotional and daunting. The key is to take one area or room, start with a section like a closet and pull out everything. This means making time upfront. Sometimes hours or all day. But, once it is done and you have moved all the clutter from that area, keeping it up in just minutes a week. That is why most folks don’t start. The cluttering is tough but totally doable.

My Lady Boss Interview-Downsizing:

How can getting organized help people as they enter the empty nest stage of life?

It is so important, once you have the home to yourself, to do a vast decluttering of the entire home. Don’t push that burden off on others. Reassess whether you need all that space and start to downsize. Waiting for only shifts the hardship onto your family or friends. And, I would hope that we want control over what we keep and what is donated or tossed, and not letting someone else decide for us.

The pictures below were from a couple that was downsizing.

“A place for everything and everything in its place”.

Can you share a little about the emotional experience you’ve seen in women when they no longer have to face clutter, but now have a home that is organized?

Lady Boss Interview-The Struggle:

It is like a breath of fresh air. What were piles of stuff is now tidy places where we can see and use the things we love. It is liberating, fresh, and empowering. Such a heavyweight is lifted off of their shoulders.

What are some of the toughest areas people struggle with keeping organized?

The closets and drawers. Without a doubt. This is mostly from buying new garments and not decluttering or throwing away or better yet, donating the used ones. Tip: before you go shopping for new clothing, go through your closets and drawers and give or discard items you haven’t worn in over a year.

Below, an organized closet.

Can you share a few strategies of places to start when making the decision to organize?

The closets and drawers. Free up space there and if there is clutter scattered about the home, you can then declutter it and move them to the empty (or near empty) drawers, closets, and pantry.

Can you tell us one of your most rewarding stories of helping get people on track?

A client’s father died suddenly and her mother was not able to live alone. They lived in a seven-bedroom home for 45 years and never threw away anything. My client was the only capable person to move her to an assisted living facility and sell the home. On top of that, she had two disabled brothers and three teenagers and worked full-time. We got it done in a year and a half. Slowly and steadily…she did it.

Look how lovely this pantry looks! It almost looks like a decorator did it!

Lady Boss Interview-My Inspiration:

What are some of the places you go for inspiration, motivation, and a pep talk when you need it? Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?

My personal mantra is “Just Start”. When we just start doing something that is truly needed, we build excitement and confidence in ourselves. That spreads to others and our lives change for the better.

My business mantra is “Home organization from the inside out”. Mindset is key to any successful venture. Before starting any major organization project, we have to think about where we are physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Getting a handle on these helps build for success.

Another great quote that I use and think of daily is “Progress always pushes us out of our comfort zone.” John Bobak

Tell us about your business, RYouReadytoOrganize. What services do you offer and who should be using them? Is it expensive to get the help of a professional organizer?

It is not expensive at all. Most of my services and info are free from my website and as a subscriber, folks get weekly tips and info free of charge via email. I coach starting at $45 per hour.

Check out these “pan racks”. How cool are these?

You have a special new program coming up in March, can you tell us about it and how people can take advantage of it?

How many of us make New Year’s resolutions?  I think most of us think about them. And some of us write them down. We all want our future to be a bit brighter and more joyful each year.

I like to think about resolutions as visions or dreams. What is your vision for the next year? Or even in the next few months. Part of making your vision a reality is to start fantasizing about it. Taking our visions and dreams and making them a reality for me is “happiness”.

So, now’s the perfect time to start fantasizing about your home for the next year! What will it look like? How will your home help bring you “happiness” and true comfort?

I want to challenge everyone to put 2019 home organization resolutions at the top of their list. Now is a perfect time plan to clear clutter and organize our home. To reboot and build that home you dream of.

Once we are organized, do you have any tips or strategies to help keep us from getting into trouble again?

 After you get your home in shape, it is critical to making a daily declutter/weeding routing to keep things tidy. A weekly decluttering program of 1 hour is also key to keep from accumulating too much stuff again.

If you were to take a day to spoil yourself, what would it include?

A total spa day. I mean a whole day. Head to toe.

My Lady Boss Interview-My Bucket List:

What are 3 bucket list items you want to include in your life story?

Home organization coaching-being a virtual coach and being relevant to others.

Traveling in our RV in retirement and riding to biker events on our Harley Davidson Trike.

Gardening! Where ever I am!

How People can find you on Social Media?


Facebook Business Page:




Amazon Store –

Thank you so much, Rebecca for all your pointers and your positivity! You’ve made organization something non-intimidating and totally doable!

I really urge you to sign up for Rebecca’s Organization Reboot coming in March! I’ve signed up and am really looking forward to doing it in a group!

This time of year, many of us long to put our best foot forward in so many areas of our life. We look at things like our health and fitness. And we know we would feel so much better if we began to put just a little more effort into a healthy lifestyle. We look at our finances and think of ways we can maybe pay off some bills and work on our savings for the future. We look at our homes and assess if we need to do some repairs or renovations, and we think about our household organizing. We know all of it will lead to a more peaceful life. We know that at this time next year it would feel so good to see some progress.

But sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Remember in the movie “Christmas Vacation” when Clark hands his son a giant wad of knotted-up Christmas lights? Sometimes trying to get back on track can feel that daunting. I’ve been there… all of us have.  It’s OK. Whether it’s your health or finances or household or whatever it is, you are not alone. All of the goals and dreams we have are within our reach if we just take baby steps. Just start with one thing. And once that one thing is accomplished, it will build your confidence to complete another thing, and another. And ultimately, we will get prevail! One foot in front of the other. It really is that simple.”

I want to thank Amy Kennedy, my friend, and the owner of Your Favorite Chapter! Please click over and meet her. She has so much wonderful information about recipes, fashion, and lifestyle tips. Click over to my Green Thumb and Green Kitchen for some extra goodies on gardening and clean recipes. Thank you for stopping by and sharing my experience. Please sign up for VIP access to my articles, worksheets, and tidbits.

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