caring for and organizing your clothes

Caring for and Organizing your Clothes

How to Care for Your Clothes and Save Money Doing It!

Caring and organizing your clothes the smart way can save a lot of time and money. How many of us wear a shirt or pants once and throw them in the dirty clothes hamper, or on the floor (a definite no-no). Well, this post is for you. Read on…

I have had a few folks tell me that once they have worn something, they either throw it on the floor or in the hamper. For the most part, they said that they did not know what to do with them because they were not really dirty, but they did not want to hang them back up? Well, here is the scoop. If you wear something and you did not sweat profusely or soil the garment with stains, you should put it back in the closet, period. It truly is not dirty. It may have a very small amount of body oil on it, but that is not dirt.

If it bothers you to put these worn clothes back in the closet along with unworn clothes, then yes, you should make a small space in your closet for worn, but not dirty, clothes. I do this and I then can easily remember and grab what I have already worn. Make outfits out of a few things that you have worn and hang them up separately so that you can grab them and wear these again first. I have been known to wear garments two to three times as a norm. It cuts down on doing laundry and reduces your clothing budget. Why? Clothes get worn out mainly by washing and drying them! Not by wearing them. Another reason to wash most garments less and in the delicate cycle.

caring for and organizing your clothes
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Caring for and organizing your clothes-the washer

Speaking of laundry, another important tip that will save you money is don’t overstuff your washer. I have seen some folks who literally cram their clothes so tight that it would be a miracle if any water or soap got to all of the clothes. As a rule, only fill your washer half full, with like colors and fabrics on the delicate cycle. I only wash my towels, linens, and jeans in the regular cotton cycle. The rest get the delicate treatment.


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