staying organized

Must-Have Rules for Staying Organized

Staying Organized

Let’s just start by congratulating you on being here. It takes dedication and commitment to want to change your mindset and to stay organized once and for all.  The clutter didn’t happen overnight. It took years for that to accumulate. Now that you are committed to staying organized, let’s look at what it takes.

There are two facets to staying organized.   The first is to cut yourself slack and make note of how hard you have worked to make your home your castle. Changing your beliefs about decluttering and developing the mindset for successful organizing takes work. Congratulate yourself on the work that you have done so far. Everyone does small forms of the organization each day. The trick is to keep the momentum going and going and going in small increments.

Staying organized, declutter one area at a time!

The second component of having staying organized is a commitment to doing small areas each day and to keep that ritual each day. Trust me, you will see your house transform slowly over time. No one does this fast or all at once. It is easier to take small bites at that clutter than to overwhelm yourself and try to do it all in one weekend. You will burn out and quit. And we don’t want that! Here is a great simple article on Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of “organized”

staying organized
Organized Sleek Desk
“to form into a coherent unity or functioning whole or integrate”
The article talks about how important it is to have routines. I have made two free routine checklists for staying organized:

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Staying organized -Life gets in the way

It can take a few months to get your home organized, depending on where you are at in life, i.e., raising children, sending them to college, being grandparents? All of the situations dictate how you will declutter based on what demands are upon you and your family. It would be challenging to declutter a baby room, but if you are planning to have another child, you probably won’t want to throw away baby items that you will use again in a couple of years!

So in addition to the “I can do this” mindset and the ongoing commitment to staying organized, picking and choosing the immediate small areas is critical to success. Be sure to jump over to my blog at RYouReadytoOrganize Blog and get more awesome ideas on decluttering and organizing your home. Remember, start decluttering one small area at a time and then celebrate the new space! That builds motivation and a sense of success!

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