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Easy Delicious Freezer Meals

Easy delicious freezer meals that save time and money in the kitchen

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Easy Delicious Freezer Meals

Easy Delicious Freezer Meals

Save Money and Money Making Your Favorite Family Meals

Freezer meals are one of the key organization topics for increasing productivity in the kitchen. When you bring up the topic, most folks cringe. They immediately think of “time-consuming”, “hard to do”, “where do I start”, “frustrating”. Well, none of these are true, of course. Like learning any other skill, it takes practice to make anything work right, that includes making easy delicious freezer meals. It used to take me about 5 hours from start to finish for me to prepare my freezer meals. Now it takes me 3 hours tops. Freezer meals are the most cost-effective way to make your favorite family meals. If you are budgeting and cutting costs (who isn’t) and want to be able to just pull a meal out of the freezer and heat it up, then this method is for you!

To clear up a few other myths, freezer meals do not taste bland. Nor should they be mushy and dull with no color. Whey easy delicious freezer meals are prepared correctly according the to instructions, they taste just like you just cooked them.

The System for Breaking it down into manageable steps

  1. First, find your favorite freezer meal recipes and keep them handy. I recommend the book Taste of Home Make It Freeze It-Save Time and Money with Family available here from Amazon Make It Freeze It Meals.
  2. Second, if you using a recipe book,  tab or copy 20-30 of your favorite meals that you family loves. Here is the key-when picking recipes, try to choose ones with similar ingredients, like egg, bell peppers, onions, broccoli, cheese, turkey, beef etc. Another key point, try now to choose those recipes where these ingredients can be used in your other non-freezer meals that you will make. Example, broccoli salad, turkey tacos, vegetable cheese crisps, omelets etc. The real trick to saving even more money is to choose like ingredients that you will use to make the easy delicious freezer meals and also use to make other everyday non-freezer meals. This makes it easier to shop for the freezer meal ingredients and you will spend less time at the grocery store.

How do you make great tasting easy delicious freezer meals without spending lots of money and hours in the kitchen each week?

  1. Third, you will shave your cooking time an average of 8 -10 hours each month! Yes, if you make easy delicious freezer meals each month you will save an average of 8 -10 hours each month. It has been shown that 15 minutes of planning saves 45 minutes or more of your time. So if you spend 4 hours once a month preparing easy delicious freezer meals, this adds up. It will save you three hours cooking up front and the other time in preparing meals each day one at a time.
  2. Fourth, if you have a large family, you may want to triple and quadruple your recipes so this plan will take a bit of extra time if you cook your freezer meals in advance and then freeze them. Some meals don’t require cooking in advance and some do. This may take an hour or two more to make more meals, but it is particularly worth it with large families.
  3. Fifth, now make your shopping list two days before you cook/prepare the meals. Don’t wait until the day of and try to do everything at once. That will create burn out and could be a real turn off. I like to put my meals in quart size or gallon size bags and lay them flat in the freezer. I also use a permanent marker to write the recipes on each bag and any special instructions on cooking too.
  4. Sixth, it’s prep day! Time to prepare and cook. I like to get my pans and utensils ready the day before and have them waiting on the counter for me on Sunday morning. I also chop whatever I need for my easy delicious freezer meals on Saturday. Breaking the time down makes things manageable.

Start Saving Money and Time!

Who can pass up saving time and money while making your favorite family meal? What will you do with your 8-10 extra hours each month? I don’t know about you, but the weather is warming up and I will see you outside!Subscribe to receive free a free morning and evening routine checklist and free organizing tips and tools every week or two directly to your inbox!

Next up-making your favorite freezer ingredients in advance and using leftover vegetable trimmings to make delicious broth. Find more interesting organizing and productivity tips at RYouReadytoOrganize blog. Note: Since this post was written I have redirected my focus to eating more plant-based dishes. I plan on re-writing this post soon to include only plant-based ingredients.


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