get organized in one weekend

Get Organized in One Weekend

We are all at home in light of the coronavirus pandemic…so why not get organized in one weekend…or close to it!

It has been 3 weeks since it hit the U.S. With all of us spending so much time at home, there are a few key ways to get organized in one weekend. Taking on a special project can ease our anxiety and boost our morale.

This is the time to get organized in one weekend and refresh our homes and spring clean. To add brightness and cheer to a part of the house. But who wants to spend days turning their home upside down in the name of Spring Cleaning? Especially when we can get organized in one weekend!

I was a little ahead of the game. On January 21st, I had shoulder surgery on my right shoulder. I couldn’t move my arm or write for 4 weeks. Knowing I would not be able to shop or cook much, I stocked up. I filled my entire pantry and freezer. Little did I know that I was preparing for one of the worst pandemics to hit us in years. Because of this….

I have put together a short summary for you to follow to get organized in one weekend.

Let’s jump right in!

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You may recall a few posts ago where I offered a free worksheet and paper organizing flowchart to my subscribers. I re-posted this from 2018 as I get so many requests to help folks organize paper. If you missed this and want a copy, subscribe and send me an email (re*************@ry*****************.com) and I will send this to you personally. You will also receive free monthly worksheets for as long as you are a subscriber. A terrific value. Here is the subscribe link:

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You can also watch the free live class on IGTV here!

PAPER-get organized in one weekend?

So, on with the paper. Try placing a small table or desk equipped with file organizers (outfitted with labeled folders) and recharging docks near your home’s main entry to handle incoming and outgoing electronics, mail, and paperwork that needs returning to your kids’ schools. Choose a furniture piece with a drawer so you can keep postage stamps, envelopes, note cards, and other mailing supplies within easy reach. This makes organizing paper and electronics much easier.

Get organized in one weekend-CLOSETS

Flush your closet with clothing you haven’t worn in 2 years. I know. I know. This could take you and a trusted pal to help “get real” and freshen your wardrobe. Wouldn’t it be great to see just what you wear in front of you? It makes it easier to form sassy classy outfits and you won’t need as much time to get ready.


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