The Green Thumb

The Green Thumb was inspired

by my love to garden!

We love tomatoes, herbs, peppers, and flowers.

Having three to four gardens takes planning and some simple garden organization routines.

Firstly, the green thumb helps get your mind in the mood for organizing outdoors, in your beautiful yards. When we set our minds on something and really want it, we do it. We go get it. So how can we get in the mood to organize? I take lots of videos and photos of our gardens every year. Watching these gets me motivated to start planning in February. I draw pictures of our garden plots and start filling in which seeds/plants we’re going to plant and where. I love researching similar gardens and plots to get great ideas. Better Homes and Gardens was my friend when I planted my first garden-a beautiful butterfly garden.

The key is to JUST START! The momentum builds and the reward is a great sense of accomplishment.

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