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Declutter the Basement Challenge

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Declutter the Basement Challenge ⋆ RYouReadytoOrganize?
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Declutter the Basement Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article here outlining how to take the first steps to declutter the basement. Here is a recap:

Now, organizing basements is a lot like organizing any other room. So it doesn’t have to take weeks to do. Maybe just a few days even with the most cluttered of basements. My simple separation and weeding technique will get you there in a day or two and well on your way to an organized the basement.

Mindset and Motivation for Organizing Basements

Remember my Changing Your Mindset post a while back on developing the mindset and motivation to organizing your home? Basements are usually our “catch-all” storage room, they are full of stuff. Lots of stuff-old and new stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff. Ok, let’s move on….

Organizing Basements-a real live demo!

I have a client who just recently hired me to organize her entire home. We recently shot a video of her basement. Scroll down the page a bit to view it. This is exciting. My client actually wants to organize her entire house! Again, she has the right mindset. So, this is a bittersweet moment for her. You see, my client’s house caught fire a few months ago. Before the fire, her home was full of lots of stuff.  She had not organized or weeded in a very long time.

So, immediately after the fire, a special company boxed up all of her belongings. Now, it will take about 6 months to complete the home repairs so that she can move back in. And when she does, all of her stuff will come with her and all of it needs weeding and organizing. As a result, in the end she will have a home with a new look and feel.

Having the right mindset

At this point, my client is totally ready to declutter her home. This is the perfect opportunity for her to declutter and reorganize all of her belongings. Now she feels excited that she has the perfect opportunity to weed and organize her home. The fire gave her an opportunity to totally cleanse her home and start new. She has gone through some events in her life where she no longer wants nor needs a lot of her stuff.

Live Demo! Declutter the basement

I have a client who wants to #organize her entire home. I’m very excited to see someone who is psyched to #organize their entire house. She had a house fire a few weeks ago. Her home was full of lots of stuff and she has not organized or weeded it. When the fire was put out, the insurance company sent a crew in to box up all of her stuff and store her things in a special storage unit for a few months while her home was being renovated. It should take about 6 months to complete the home repairs so that she can move back in. And when she does, all of her stuff will come with her and all of it needs #weeding and #organizing. My client has come to a point in her life where she now wants to and has the perfect opportunity to #declutter and #reorganize her home, She is actually excited to #organize it. She has gone through some events in her life where she no longer wants nor needs a lot of her stuff. Here is a short video she took before we get started.

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The Challenge Begins!

My client and I are meeting tonight to take a look at how to tackle decluttering her entire basement. See the short video that she took a couple of weeks ago, prior to doing any decluttering! I uploaded the video here in this post and to my social media accounts. You can watch it on my Instagram page or on my Facebook page. I also posted the video in my Facebook group. Next week we will show a video of the progress that we have made. See you then. And don’t forget to join my email list and receive great home organization tips directly to your inbox…..


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