saying goodbye to summer 2020

Saying goodbye to summer 2020!

Can you believe summer is over?  Saying goodbye to summer 2020 is already here! It flew by so fast. Of course, there is a lot going on in the world that we are all dealing with. So much of it can stop us in our tracks. Throw us off. So, what is the ANSWER? How do we save time and make our cleaning routines work harder for us?

ROUTINES. Yap, I said that word… But it is so true. We can keep our routines and traditions alive and well. That’s why we have them. Why do we treasure them? They serve us and keep us on track and thriving.

So, we’re saying goodbye to summer 2020 and getting a fresh clean home for FALL. 

A fresh house for fall! Saying goodbye to summer 2020 involves just a few key activities and we’re on our way to a happy FALL! What are they and how should I start? We’re first going to set up a simple weekly cleaning system that fits your needs. Second, we are going to set up a bi-monthly cleaning program that will keep your house fresher and cleaner. Less time spent in your weekly cleaning routine. Woohoo! Bingo… 

Use my free cleaning checklist to get on the right track. You need a weekly cleaning routine. If you don’t have one, you are seriously missing out. My weekly cleaning routine, along with my daily cleaning routine, and a bunch of decluttering, have made my house a much more enjoyable place to spend my time. When I first adopted my weekly cleaning routine, let’s say it changed my life would be a bit dramatic, but it has really upped my productivity and changed the way my house looks.

You can assign a day to use this list, 15 minutes each day, 30 minutes three times a week… It’s up to you. Do take one day off a week for self-care and indulgence. We need to spoil ourselves at least once a week.

Saying goodbye to summer 2020 and yes to a fresh house for fall!

All right, here is your weekly cleaning schedule:

  1. Start with the Kitchen! it pays to get the hardest jobs out of the way first. To keep your kitchen sparkling clean, stay up to date with weekly tasks like mopping the floor, and cleaning the exteriors of appliances. Wipe down the counters and cabinet doors to clean any spills or splatters; then scour and polish the sink.
  2. Move on to the Fridge! Use trash day as your hint to do check the fridge. After taking the trash bag out of the can, head straight to the fridge before tying it up. Dispose of compost expired items, leftovers that are past their prime, or food you know won’t be eaten.
  3. Now the Bathroom. Take time to give your fixtures a little TLC. Use general-purpose spray cleaners or mix vinegar and water to scrub your sink, tile, toilet exterior, tub, and faucets. An antibacterial cleaner, like the ones I make myself, is best for heavy-duty disinfecting in the toilet bowl, and baking soda paste works well on tough grime. Take care not to use abrasives on scratchable surfaces.
  4. Now move onto Vacuuming and Sweeping. Don’t forget your porch and entryway. I use a Swiffer to sweep, and life couldn’t be easier!
  5. Yap. You guessed it. Now we Mop! I found this cool mop and now I do not dread mopping. It makes the job effortless.
  6. Time to Dust. I do this last. Why? Because I am stirring up a lot of dirt while I clean and like to dust at the end of my routine. 

The Right Cleaning Brushes

This is a sample list of how to get started with a solid, simple cleaning routine. For more extensive lists, worksheets, and suggestions, sign-up for my free worksheets and tips. I send these out at the beginning of each month. Hope to see you then.

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I almost forgot the best part! Cleaning becomes much easier when you mix it with my Bottom-up Deep Cleaning method two or three times a year. Hop over and read about it here. Enjoy your fresh home and drop me a line and tell me how much time you are saving using a solid simple cleaning routine. Are you saving time?

xoxo, Rebecca

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