the first hour of your day

The First Hour of your Day “Makes it or Breaks It”!

How many know what to do in the first hour of your day?

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Bruce Van Horn

The first hour of our day

Some of us, ok I used to, rush to get through my morning. The alarm goes off, I check my phone, the time, my social media happenings. While I am in bed! Then I jump up, gargle, make the bed, make coffee, greet the puppies (they are in the living room, or should I say the puppy room?), … chaos…going from one thing to another…rush, rush, rush!

That coffee tasted good. I would daydream about my day, with no concrete plan. Except for some ideas and wants to float around in my head.

Why the first hour of your day will make your day

or break it!


the first hour of your day


And I was off going from one thing to the next! Those “things” in front of me, within my view. Like chores, puppies, groceries, meal planning, email, social media, etc… All of these are important. Yet, they are not what makes us happy or fulfilled. True, we all love a clean home, tasty homemade meals, and of course, happy puppies!

Science shows that when we plan the first hour of our day, we are more fulfilled, focused, and successful! I learned this through personal coaching and intense business courses. The first lesson in each was planning the first hours of every day – A morning routine! A routine that “makes or breaks” what success can happen for the rest of our day.

Planning the first hour of your day is not made from thin air. One of my mentors and instructors, Ruth Soukup-best selling author, and owner of Elite Blog Academy, recently sent an email to just this.

I’m a firm believer that your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Your routine is often the difference between starting your day on the right foot or the wrong foot, and once it becomes a habit, it is the trigger that tells your brain it’s time to get to work. Once you start on the wrong foot, it can be hard to salvage the rest of your day, and that’s not good when you are trying to keep your energy and enthusiasm!

A good friend and brilliant fellow business blogger, Suzanne Smith host an inspiring blog (called Crazy Blonde Life) about faith, fashion, food. She wrote a post that motivated me to step up and talk again about the importance of morning rituals. Read her post, Six Months from Now. She also has a new free e-book out called The Midlife Comeback. It is loaded with wonderful inspirational advice on embracing ourselves in midlife! Jump over and check it out!

The first hour of your day. So, what do I do?

  1. 6 am – wake, make the bed
  2. 6:10 – wash face
  3. 6:15 – coffee and a glass of water
  4. 6:20 – feed and pet puppies
  5. 6:30 – water my gardens
  6. 6:50 – check my planner, journal, plan my day!!!

Because I do this each morning, the last ten minutes of my first hour of each morning become more and more productive. I can see my “big goals” evolving before my eyes. It’s exhilarating! I write great advice on the importance of mindset and how beneficial the power of planning in small steps each day can be!

And this leaves more time to plan my week, my month, and each quarter. I don’t do annual plans. Just annual “big goals” or dreams. I like to build these “big goals” and dreams and build concrete action plans on a quarterly, monthly, and weekly basis. It is easier to “keep my arms around it” so to speak.

A dear friend and fellow business blogger Suzanne Smith wrote a compelling, inspirational post about the importance of morning routines. Read her post here! We both plan on collaborating on future posts about the important benefits of morning routines and simple daily planning and how far it can take you! Stay tuned…

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My challenge to you:

  • Write a simple 1-hour morning routine
  • Post this in your plain view
  • Read and practice it each morning

Mindfully practicing the same morning routine each day builds structure, confidence, awareness, and intention into our lives.

Next time we’ll chat about anxiety and clutter, before and after testimonies on decluttering a garage. Stay tuned. Much love and peace!


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