fall reset-missed opportunities

Fall Reset-Missed Opportunities

There are the obvious… buying items you already own, paying late fees because you couldn’t find the bill, and spending more on convenience items due to poor planning. Its time to chat about Fall Reset-Missed Opportunities!

fall reset-missed opportunities

These are annoying, but not life-changing inconveniences.

It’s the next three that are costing you more time and money than you realize and impacting your future reality.

1. Having your life dictated to you.

No one likes to be told what to do. But so many of us are living our lives on autopilot, or worse, in survival.

Have you had a day where you had a loose plan of what you needed to accomplish and within the hour that list was thrown out the window?

It is so frustrating at the end of the day to feel like you have MORE to do than when you started! How will you ever catch up?

2. Lost productivity.

When was the last time you had to look for something? Your car keys, the mail, a return slip, an invitation, or the purchase you just made?

The average American spends 55 minutes A DAY looking for stuff. And that is not counting the amount of time we spend avoiding what we should be doing by escaping to social media!

3. Missed opportunities.

This is the biggie. Hold on to your seats.

Missed registrations, discounts, and events are all symptoms of packing our lives TOO FULL. Time to think about fall reset-missed opportunities! Reclaiming your balance…and rhythm.

Let’s Talk Fall Reset-Missed Opportunities!

Opportunities slide into the margin in our lives. The margin on your calendar, the margin in your day, and the margin in your physical home. Oh, how these fall reset-missed opportunities build up fast.

Open spaces invite new opportunities and items to add value to our lives, passions, and purpose.

So what about you?

Do you have space in your life to take advantage of new opportunities?

Do you feel like your days are purposeful and productive?

Are you in control of your life or do you feel like you are being tossed and turned by too many things in front of you and no time to tackle them?

Do you have questions? I go live on Instagram several times a week to help you with these! And I also share them on Facebook too! I love to go live, meet you and answer your questions live! Join and subscribe and start taking back your life!

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Just email me at ryoureadytoorganize.com and I will help answer them! I love to help you figure out which program is best for you and how to get started! Here is the last post I wrote about a fall home organization reset and what an ideal time it is to take back your home!

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