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Home Organization Must-Have Super Goals-Maps!

What does it mean when I say mapping home organization?

What do I mean by mapping?

Making home organization maps of each room is a simple way to draw out what we want to happen in each space, using a picture or diagram. Now, I have learned since designing my blog and business is that just brainstorming and writing down goals is just the beginning. What I have proven is that when I write down my goals and intentions, I then draw a picture of what the outcome will look like. So, mapping home organization goals are no different. As a matter of fact, it will get you organized faster than you ever imagined!

The Importance of Mapping Home Organization

I learned this mapping method years ago when I was a program planner for a large county government in Arizona. I would lead large groups of dignitaries and staff through major planning overhaul sessions. The first thing we would do was design the end dream or outcome with a picture. And everyone had to participate in designing that picture.

 “I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something.” 

-Neil Gaiman

Why use this mapping home organization method?

Simple. When we draw something that we desire to happen, several key things occur. We see a clear vision of what we want. And, we also have the formula for making the event/outcome occur. For example, if we have a goal and intention to clear the clutter in our closets, then we draw exactly what a clutter-free closet looks like. We, then with the picture, can spot those most important elements of our intention.

Now, don’t get hung up on this if you can’t draw. We are not all artists and this exercise does not require you to be one. I drew pictures of my closets that we redesigned a few years ago. We have a small house and small closets, so I drew a picture of each one and wrote down exactly how I wanted the space to function and what it was going to look like:

mapping home organization
Beautiful Sleek Wall Shelves

Formula or Map for starting a home organization plan:

Journal about each room/space + Map/draw a picture of each room/space = then Make solid home organization goals/intentions

So the main idea here is mapping home organization goals.  For clearing your clutter in the New Year and keeping your home organized. I wrote an awesome post about journaling what you want from each room before you get started writing goals/intentions for each space. This should be done first before writing your goals/intentions. After your journal, map/draw what you want each space to look like. Again, don’t worry about how pretty your pictures/drawings look. Just draw them-write it out with steps written in each box and link the boxes in the order that makes sense to you. Then do your best to draw a picture of the ideal state! Another awesome technique is to create a Pinterest Board for each space you want to envision. Start pinning your ideal pictures on each board and study those. Which ones are idealistic and realistic images of your dream space? I plan on doing this for my new kitchen. We plan on blasting out a wall and expanding our kitchen to twice it’s size. We will actually have a fireplace in it! Now, this will take money and planning. So, I want to start creating my Kitchen Pinterest Vision Board now.

After you do these two things, journal and map each space, writing your goals and intentions should be easy. Because all of the components for your goals are there in your journal and maps.

How Mapping Home Organization Relieves the Pressure of the “What do I do now syndrome?”.

The biggest complaint and fear that I hear from subscribers is, “I don’t know where to start!”.  I get this. Starting anything takes planning and thought. Now, I believe that each of us can shift into gear and get the mindset to clear the clutter by journaling and mapping each space. Each one of us has the skill to start decluttering our home.  But, before you start, it is important to not just jump in without thinking about and getting a clear picture of what you want your home to look like when it is decluttered and organized.

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Now what?

  • Take this mapping formula and get writing and pinning. Start with those areas that you feel you want to work on first. In other words, first prioritize the urgency, if there is any, in decluttering certain areas of your home. If you have severe clutter in some areas, you will want to begin with these areas first…
  • What is the transformation that needs to happen? Do you want to clear clutter and minimize your home surroundings? Do you want to declutter, reorganize, and design new spaces in your home? Journal about this too.
  • What compelling thing needs to happen next? Again, if there is urgency and the clutter is severe, start with these areas. I always advise clients to start their reorganization and address their morning and evening routines first. In other words, our closets, bathrooms, and kitchens. We want to get ready and dressed in a timely manner and have an easy-to-use, organized kitchen so we can prepare breakfast and lunches with ease!
  • Share those Pinterest Boards in the post comments here. I would love to see them and I am sure others would too!

Next time we will talk about Spreading Love and Happiness for Valentine’s Day! And as promised, I love to share my favorite recipes here with you!  Here is a delicious healthy pretzel bread Pinterest recipe that we love!

See you soon…

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