mid-year home organization reset challenge

Mid-Year Home Organization Reset Challenge

Mid-year home organization reset challenge

Back in January, we made new year’s resolutions. (remember my article Making Home Maps – or more commonly called resolutions?). I made my home organization business resolutions. One was to write more for my audience…more cool, fun, intriguing articles about home organization. That to me is a challenge. Just the word home organization can sound so blah, so bland, and sorry “tedious”. Well, except for me. I love those two words – home organization. So you know it’s time for a mid-year home organization reset challenge.

It is mid-July. Where are we with our maps or resolutions? Since we are halfway through 2018, it’s time to talk about the mid-year home organization reset challenge. Time to look at those resolutions, the state of clutter in our homes, and the upcoming holiday season. Now we’re talking!!!! I got your attention with that one. HOLIDAY SEASON…

We see the word “reset” all over social media. Primarily to improve and realign our fitness goals. But what about our home? Shouldn’t we do a “reset” for our homes and get them into the shape that we love, that is as productive as possible and in the state, we imagine we want it to be? I know that the answer to that question is YES! So let’s talk home reset!!!

Mid-year home organization reset challenge:

The process includes simple checklists. That is the magic wand! Really! Nothing else is going to work. Just grab a pen and paper and we will go from room to room and check the need to declutter and what to consider when you re-organize them.

I find it helpful to have a separate sheet for each room. Let’s go…

Start by prioritizing rooms by importance. For me, I declutter my rooms in this order-

Reset each room-mid-year home organization reset challenge:

My Bedroom-it’s where I restore and refresh with good sound sleep. Research shows that most of us do not get enough restful adequate sleep to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. Better night sleep is critical to keeping a clutter-free organized home.  Here are some tips for getting a better nights sleep: 

Stick to a sleep schedule-go to bed at the same time.

Have a bedtime routine before going to bed, do something relaxing like deep breathing away from bright lights.

Exercise daily- do something you love to do. I love to lift light weights to tone my body. It literally relaxes me as I lift!

Prepare your bedroom-keep your environment cool and free from noise and light. Use blackout curtains, earplugs fans, and other devices to stop distractions.

Associate your bed with sleep-take work materials, computers, and televisions out of the bedroom.

My Kitchen-it is our place for nourishment and family time. Go through your refrigerator and cabinets and toss outdated items or those items you really don’t love and cook with often.

mid-year home organization reset challenge
Mid-Year Home Organization Reset

The Bathroom-it is where we cleanse and refresh. Take a look at your medicine cabinet and toss anything that looks funky or outdated. Restack your towels and washcloths.

Closets-it’s where we adorn our appearance, where we present ourselves to the world. Remember my closet organization checklist! Revisit it here!

The kid’s bedrooms and playrooms. Get them involved so they start to learn the importance of being organized and productive. Again, get the children involved grab some simple inexpensive toy shelving and put things away (ad).

Remember to start small and don’t overwhelm yourself. Focus on the essentials first that I have listed above, and then go back and start with the other cabinets, shelves, and closets. You should consider decluttering for an hour at a time and taking breaks. Go outside if you can and stretch. Have a beverage of choice to refresh yourself. You deserve it.

For your mid-year home organization reset challenge, sort large projects by:

  1. Keep
  2. Donate
  3. Gift
  4. Toss

Put away Keep items. The rest goes… Have your boxes ready for your donations and gifting. And you will need those trash bags for the Toss piles.

General guidelines for mid-year home organization reset challenge:

If you are not in love with an item and you don’t use it often, it GOES! Don’t just keep things to look at them or think in 2020 you’re going to need that crazy clock that you got at the garage sale a year ago cuz you know it will be important someday!!!!

Love it or toss it! It’s that simple…just not easy…

And if that is not enough to motivate you, remember:

School starts in one month! Time to check out your favorite store for their school supply lists.

Labor Day is around the corner.

Halloween is two months away.

Thanksgiving is coming shortly after that.

And well, we then have Christmas! Wow. That is only 5 months away. Have you started your list for Santa yet!

Your Job Is To:

Look around and start resetting your home to get ready for the holiday rush. If you start now, you will get ahead of the game and be a rock star this holiday season. You will create calmness for you and your family. Remember that research shows that if you reduce clutter, you reduce anxiety and chaos. And you will have that much more time to create a fabulous vision for your special holiday season.

Happy organizing!

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Next time, we talk about the coolest and best organization apps out there.

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