holiday prep in just minutes a week

Holiday Prep in Just Minutes a Week

What would you say if I told you you could start now and do your holiday prep in just minutes a week!

holiday prep in just minutes a week

Holiday prep in just minutes a week is simple, easy, and works…

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE LESS STRESS, LESS WORRY, LESS RUSH, BE MORE PRODUCTIVE IN LESS TIME in just a few minutes each week? The benefit of small steps cannot be overstated. Small steps make big results!!!

The key is scheduling and doing a few minutes of planning a week. I will give you most of the main categories-the key areas to cover. You only need to take them, make simple short checklists, and spend a few minutes each week getting them DONE! That means putting them on a calendar and checking each one off. One by one.

Yes, there will be some surprises along the way. There always are. Yet, if you have most of the stuff done already, you’re at ease and handle it like a champion. And the end results are your best work…your top efforts. That always pays off. We get it. Getting ahead of the small stuff makes life sweeter. So, let’s do this! Remember doing your holiday prep in just minutes a week will get you 90% ready, save you tons of time, and make your holiday the best! 10 minutes of planning saves us 30 minutes of time-time for us…and our family and friends.

I put together a list of my best holiday prep articles. They are short and to the point. Like checklists. Very handy to have around.

It’s easy to start holiday prep… especially now. Don’t roll your eyes. I know it’s September. And the perfect time to start…

The Best of My Articles on Holiday Prep:

Check out this article on prepping your pantry for the holidays. This will be on your list, I promise.

Here is another key article I wrote last year on preparing for the holidays. It is a shorter version of what I am talking about here, but just as important. Read about it here…

My “Stress-Free Winter Prep Sheet” will get your home in shape for Fall and Winter months.

Keep it healthy with my “Healthy Holiday Menus” post here…

Here are more great tips on holiday menu planning! Read it here…

More perks to holiday prep in just minutes a week: 10 minutes of planning saves 30 minutes of your time; getting others involved takes the stress off our shoulders-get the family involved; a sense of true pride in planning the best holiday you can; more free time during the season for the good stuff; peace of mind having the tedious stuff out of the way; higher quality experiences. And that is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

In my next post, part 2 of our holiday prep, I will take you a bit further into each of the links above and break down a few simple steps in each. You’ll be way ahead of the stress and rush. Your best holiday prep yet! If you don’t subscribe, you are missing out on free monthly productivity checklists that make your life easier. Sign-up here:

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of holiday prep in just a few minutes a week!

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